Raspberry Pi 1/2/3B/3B+/Zero/Zero W

The One to rule them all

The ultimate hacker kernel for the Raspberry Pi

Oneplus 2

The One to make Nethunter shine on your Oneplus 2 with LineageOS

Latest Intel hardware

The One to run Kali Linux on the latest and exotic hardware, such as GPD Pocket and atom tablets



For updates

Intel Magic:


Native Kali Linux desktop integration with Windows 10.

True Voodoo magic.



Kali Linux ISO image for the GPD Pocket.
The ultimate 7″ pocket rocket just got better – with the one and only Kali Linux image available for this marvel.




Parrot OS ISO image for the GPD Pocket.

Raspberry Pi Magic


Kali Linux distribution optimized for Raspberry Pi.
Available as Vanilla Kali-Pi or Sticky Fingers Kali-Pi with touch interface for small TFT screens.


Kali-Pi accessory for any smartphone, rooted or non-rooted.
Ideal for the casual hack on the go.

Kali-Pi Images

Pre-installed Kali-Pi images can be used with Sticky Fingers interface or without.

Ideal for the casual hack on the go.


The ultimate Kali-Pi setup tool.
Improved version of raspi-config for Kali Linux.

Eye of Amun


Remote wifi probe for Sticky Fingers Kali-Pi.

Kali-Pi Menus and features


Explanations and configuration options of the menu items and other tips and tricks.

Damn Vulnerable Pi  (DV-Pi)


The red-headed stepsister of Kali-Pi comes with vulnerabilities to exploit.


Place to discuss all of the above.


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